Trumpet Player, Jazz Trio

Michael Grasso

Michael Grasso is a physician and part-time trumpet player in the Baltimore-Washington area. He is a "comeback" playing, who picked up the horn after stepping away for several years. In addition to the trumpet, he plays piano and chromatic harmonica. He was born and raised in northern New Jersey. Before changing careers, he was a jazz and music composition major at the New Jersey City University. He currently works as an emergency medicine physician for the Universtiy of Maryland School of Medicine.

Michael is a member of Not 2 Cool Jazz, a professional jazz band based in the Baltimore-Washington area. They play a mixture of standards and classic jazz in the spirit of Chet Baker, Miles Davis, and Toots Thielemans. Focusing on music from a bygone era, they have an intimate and lyrical sound that follows the west coast style of cool jazz. They perform Bossa Nova, Dixieland, and Swing Era music, with an emphasis on tasteful and timeless melodies from the 1920s through the 1960s. Michael is also a church trumpeter, freelance music arranger, and a volunteer for Bugles Across America, through which he plays taps at funerals to honor veterans.


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My EquipmentMy Equipment
Bach 1974 Stradivariuis lightweight 43 Bb Trumpet
Bach 1980 Stradivariuis 239 CML Trumpet
Bach 1965 Stradivarius 37 Bb Trumpet
Olds 1957 Ambassador Bb Trumpet
Olds 1957 Ambassador Bb Cornet
Carol CPT-300LR Pocket Trumpet
Getzen 1974 Eterna 896 Flugelhorn
Getzen Eterna 940 Piccolo Trumpet
Getzen M2003ES Bb/G Field Trumpet
Seydel Saxony and Suzuki SCX Chromatic Harmonica
Bach 3C, 3D, and 3CFLmouthpiece